Wool Blanket

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American-milled wool sewn into a big, beautiful blanket right at our workshop at 1910 W Superior St. Made with heavy duty, American-made wool, our blankets are a high quality wool-nylon blend that doesn't skimp on warmth or performance. There are lots of blankets out there, but we wanted to source wool from some of our favorite US Mills in the patterns, weights and colors that we like, to make blankets we think you'll like, whether they're destined for the couch, a picnic, or the lost 40 acres deep in the backcountry.

To care for your blanket and keep it in good condition, we recommend if you have to wash it that you hand wash in cold water with mild non-detergent soap, if any, and air dry. We love this blend because it warms well and holds up to real-world use. Not too light, not too heavy, not too scratchy and yet durable, stylish and understated: the Goldilocks of blankets.




2.3 lbs.


85/15 wool-nylon blend.


Heritage Black