Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack

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For some, it can take a lot of gear to thrive, for others, all they need is a trusty knife, a hatchet, and the wealth of knowledge accumulated over a lifetime. Our Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs are built to carry big or small loads.

these packs blend classic materials and construction with updated features for modern classic backwoods adventures. With lots of organization in the form of pockets, attachments and straps, there’s space to keep gear where it needs to be. Plus, there’s plenty of capacity in the tall, narrow pack body.

This bag is for the largest size of the Frost River Bushcraft Pack Collection, the Isle Royale Bushcraft pack (No.730).


Size: 23in H x 15in w x 8in D

Materials: 18oz heavyweight waxed canvas, leather straps, premium leather, cord and barrel and solid brass hardware.