Pennsylvania Choppers Palamino- XL

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Classic. Simple. Enduring. Leather choppers are made at Frost River in the traditional style meant to be used with removable liners. The option allows quick drying and simple replacement of your insulation.

Our buckskin is locally sourced and has a durable yet supple texture. All of our buckskin comes from real, wild deer hides, so each one is a little different, making your pair one-of-a-kind. There may be some scarring in the leather, which is natural with a product that comes from the wilds of North America, and it helps make your Choppers just that much more unique, more authentic and more personal. Frost River mittens and choppers are sized to be roomy -- just right for frigid Minnesota winters. 

Fun Fact about our buckskin leather! Did you now that each piece of leather might have its own unique natural scaring? In addition to this, colors of the leather may vary slightly, making each pair unique! However neither the natural scaring or color variation hinders the functionality or integrity of these great choppers!


Materials: Premium buckskin leather

Color: Palamino

Size: X-Large (Our mittens and choppers tend to run one size large)

This product was a sample and is ready to use!